Sunday, 18 January 2015

It's all about the...

pool, just swimming!

This weekend has seen me washing swimming costumes and towels constantly.

Friday night saw Stephanie and I head out for what is fast becoming our usual Friday night splash at the local pool. 1 set of costumes to be washed.

Saturday morning was Stephanie's swimming lesson where she swam over 400m. 2nd lot of swimming clothes to be washed.

She then went to her dad's who took her to her gymnastics lesson. Ready for me to collect her at just after 5 ready for...
you guessed it another swim session. this one is run by our local council they run a free weekend at all of the local council run pools where there are different swimming events. There is a challenge which they altered slightly (for the better, in my opinion) this year. You booked yourself a time slot and got 20 mins to swim as many lengths of the 25m pool as possible in that time. We booked the same time as Stephanie's swimming friend and his mum. We managed 18 lengths in the 20 mins, not bad for an 8 year old who had already done so much exercise that day! So proud of her.

With her certificate and medal.

As we were collecting our certificate we were asked by people who were in the other pool diving if the children would like to join them. We said we hadn't booked it. That's ok we have space they can have the spaces if they want them. As if they would have let us say no! LOL

We were asked how old they were, on hearing they were 8 the instructor said. Hmm, maybe just snorkelling then as they are very young. They were both very pleased with that, we signed the permission forms and in they got.

snorkelling with the instructor. After swimming around the pool with the instructor a few times. He announced their swimming was very competent and he would actually be more than happy to scuba dive with them, he would have one adult with each. So another instructor joins them they get their tanks and off they went.

As I had been swimming I only had my phone camera with me (because Charlie's dad kept an eye for 2 mins while I ran and retrieved it from the locker.) So the pictures aren't the best quality. I will never forget how nervous I felt watching her get strapped up with the oxygen tank, but then the swelling of pride as she swam round the pool as if she had been doing it all her life!
That face at the end of it says it all! She loved it.

And is also very excited to learn that there is a local lake, where these people scuba dive/ open water swim/ kayak regularly just 25 minutes drive from our house. Guess where we are heading soon! LOL

I love my children to have new experiences, and we are lucky enough to be offered them for free. Thanks to our local council/ sports teams. So that brings the total of swim kit washes to 3 for 24 hour period. But I am not finished yet, today Stephanie is booked in for 4 hours of water related activity, she is going ot be diving, working on stage 8 swimming, snorkelling and rookie lifeguarding.

I have to say, washing several sets of swimwear is a more than fair price to pay! I can't wait to see the pictures the diving team were taking underwater last night.


  1. Well done, Stephanie and will you be having a go at scuba diving too?

    1. Apparently so. Although I am sceptical about how that will go. I have only just started getting used to my head going under when I fall off the inflatable! I have a couple of months to get over my fear of water in my face!