Sunday, 18 January 2015

More swimming

Today saw us attending the last day of the big splash. This time I sat on the edge- it looked fantastic but the activities she is doing are way out of my comfort zone! Today saw her diving, jumping off the 3m diving board. Then going for a swimming lesson with a club coach- who suggested we may like to consider signing her up to a club as (in his words) "She's a very good swimmer she could do well."

Swelling with pride I have to confess!  He couldn't give me to much about the club today as he was there in a different role and he would get into trouble. But suggested I look on their website and contact them. I spoke to Stephanie about this at the end of her session. The club were in training as we left so she watched for a minute and decided she "would like to try because it will help her to become an Olympic swimmer." An aspiration she has had since she watched 2012 Olympics. I love that that motivation is still there. I have contacted them via email and will see what happens next. The difficulty I foresee is if her training clashes with my work.

My brave girl diving- she also jumped off of the next board up.
Also today she completed her Rookie lifeguarding bronze award

All ready for Baywatch! LOL
With her award, I thought it was just a taster session. I had no idea it was an actual thing- how cool is that!
I know my little lady has thoroughly enjoyed her weekend of water. She was very tired this evening when I dropped her off to her dad's. I am sure she would have had no problem sleeping, getting up in the morning might be though. At least when she stays at Daddy's she doesn't need to get up as early as when she is at home do to the times I have to leave to get to work. So she can have a nice lay in in comparison.
Next year I am determined to be brave enough to join her in some of the activities, I have to confess the diving looks fun, maybe I should learn not to panic jumping in the pool feet first to start with though...

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