Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring gardening

Yesterday I spent a lovely day out on the garden. It was chilly but with a coat on was ok. I got a fair amount done. I started by digging over Stephanie's patch of front garden which is going to be a flower bed. As Stephanie had a friend around to play they both got busy planting.

Lots of seeds got planted alongside the flowers.

Then i headed to the back garden. I got the new raised beds planted up.

I transplanted cabbages I had growing in pots over the winter.
In the second bed went the onions, again they had been growing in containers. I also planted lots more onion bulbs. The whole bed should be full if they all grow. My sister popped around whilst i was doing these and commented on how much bigger the raised beds are in person than in a picture. She thought they were very small in the pictures I sent her.

I checked on my seedlings in my tiny plastic green house:
Growing nicely. Then planted a few more and put into the bigger pop up greenhouse
I'm trying to plant seedlings every couple of weeks in the hope of being able to have continuous cropping throughout the summer. I really want to grow as much as possible for ourselves this year. 

Now I need to get on and complete the building of the other raised beds. Dry weather again this weekend please....


  1. You have a good start, for years I used those small green house's, they work well. Nice to see your daughter helping and learning.

    1. I have had the larger of the two greenhouses for a couple of years I just replaced the cover this year. It is looking a bit worn, but it did blow over several times last year which was very disheartening. I am hoping that as this garden has more shelter that this won't be as much a problem now.
      My daughter absolutely loves gardening and couldn't wait to get out and plant up her patch. And request that she can also take over the other, larger part of the front garden as her own!