Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tenner week challenge- how I got on

This challenge sounded simple last week when I decided to hope on board. I had forgotten several important events on the calendar though! I had a theatre show with Stephanie on Wednesday- she was singing with her school choir. I ended up popping in the Sainsbury's near the theatre for some nibbles. I had gone straight from work to take her there. The show didn't finish until gone 8pm. I was ravenous. Had I been a little more organised I would have made myself something to take. That took £4.40 of the budget. I was also naughty and had a breakfast on the way to work the next day. My excuse for that- I had difficulty getting Stephanie up after a late day and so didn't have time to make anything. £2.60 spent on that. I had had two lunches from the school kitchen last term and had forgotten to pay for those so £2.00 went on that.
so this is what I have just put into my fundraising jar:

The light makes it a little hard to see- it is £1.03. Still it all helps!

I didn't fulfil all of the weeks challenges I completed a menu plan and used cash in my purse but I didn't do the extras like selling things I don't need anymore. Those will happen though- I know there are a pair of children's shoes and trainers that I can sell once they have been cleaned and I am sure there is more if I had a little poke around! These things will happen and be added to the totals.

Today my plan is to get my little garden under way for the summer. I have been out already to paint the 2 raised beds made so far with a protective wood paint. I have had these made for a little while but all of my days off have been wet! Today is looking dry so I will hopefully get a fair bit of gardening done. Stephanie had a friend stay over last night so I am sure I will have a couple of pairs of willing hands to help too.

The paint was on offer for £5 at the local b&q a few weeks ago when I went. It is supposed to be nearly £15 according to their shelf label. So a whopping saving made there.

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