Sunday, 15 March 2015

tenner week challenge

Recently, I have noticed that I am spending more and more. Nothing extravagant just a chocolate bar when I pass a shop or  drink because I can't be bothered to go and make one. No excuses I am just being frivolous. It needs to stop!

Enter the tenner week challenge I spotted it on another blog I follow, sorry I can't link back as I can't remember whose but feel free to comment and let us all know if it may have been your blog :-)

The basis of the challenge is that you start with £10 in your purse on a Monday and spend as little as possible in that week. This challenge was found in perfect time for me- we have just had a weekend away for my brother's wedding. This involved a hotel for 2 nights, a 270 mile drive there and 270 back plus we had to eat whilst there/ travelling too. I took nibbles and drinks for us to make it cheaper but we had to pay out for meals. So I have had an extravagant month, oh and as it was a Friday I had to have a day off of work so I am a days wage short too. If my brother, or anyone else, reading this things it sounds like a grumble it really isn't. I don't mind any of these thing, I just now need to get back inline with my budget. It is also 10 days until payday so money is always tight in these few days.

So the basics of the challenge are that you don't shop!

Taken from the pennygolightly blog
"Your £10 personal budget is for:
  • Any food & drink you might buy
  • Going out
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies
  • Any other shopping
  • etc
The £10 doesn’t cover rent, mortgage, utility bills, prescriptions, travel to and from work, anything you need to buy for work, tickets or subscriptions you’ve already purchased, or money you need to spend on your kids / pets / partner.
You are encouraged to recycle, mend, upcycle, improvise, use up whatever you already have, and avoid waste wherever you can.
The TV diet, if you decide to do it, means sticking to a limit of 4 hours or less in front of the screen at home or at a friend’s house. You’re allowed to watch TV at the gym, or watch a film at the cinema if you have a free or cheap ticket, without adding that to the weekly total.
You get ‘bonus points’ for keeping busy on a budget too, for example:
  • Keeping in touch with friends
  • Rediscovering old hobbies & activities
  • Getting your home into shape
  • Learning something new
  • Eating healthily
  • Keeping up your fitness levels
  • Being creative
  • Finding useful freebies
  • Helping others
Anyone can do a Tenner Week of their own any time they like, but it’s more fun to join in when other people are doing one, so that you can swap tips, recipes and ideas.
For the latest £10 Week Challenge, and to see past weeks, visit the Live on £10 category where all the posts are listed. There’s a Twitter hashtag too: look out for mentions of #10week."

Seems pretty simple right? Hmm, we shall see. I have my £10 ready.


I have decided that whatever is left of this £10 at the end of the week will be donated to my Brighton marathon fundraising page.

Will you play along too- what will you do with any saved cash at the end of the week?



  1. I am definitely up for trying this! I am a bit of a nightmare for "go on thens" and "just this once"
    Tomorrow apart from my bus ticket I am going to aim for no spending at all, just taking a drink and snack from home for everyone x x x

    1. Excellent. I look forward to supporting each other. I was very good this evening despite not actually starting until tomorrow. I did not buy a drink while watching Stephanie swim for an hour- I filled my water bottle and took that with me. As well as my crocheting so that I was not tempted to buy sweets to nibble :-)