Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hackney run

Today I went out for another race. I'm not going to lie, I didn't not feel like it when I left this morning. I could have happily stayed home and pootled about the garden. But it was booked I was going!

This race was in Hackney marshes, so I jumped on the train and headed off. I got to walk from the train station through the Olympic park to get there. I have never been in the Olympic park- it is fabulous! I have an amazing day planned out for the upcoming school holidays! There is the aquatics centre, if I am able I think I will have to book us a swim there, we can go in the velodrome and watch people whizzing about on the bikes. We can hire a bike for a couple of hours and go off exploring. There are play parks, the river to wander. Loads!

Eventually I found my way to the marshes. As I was an hour early and people where still setting up I went for a wander. I found a little river full of canal boats. Swans swimming along. From a foot bridge to cross the river you can see the Gherkin in the background. It is hard to think that from this scenic and tranquil place you are so close to the busy-ness of 'normal' London.

Soon it was time to go and check my bag in. I was 'found' by another member of my running club. I hadn't met Mick before but he was very chatty and friendly. We stood and chatted for around 20 mins before the race.
Here I am ready for the race to start.

After the race I met up with Mick again, We were both very impressed with the medals, very weighty and not what was expected from a free race. Turns out Mick and I needed the same train home so we strolled around the Olympic park park to the station. Mick has a lot of knowledge about the area and shared this as we walked. He has also convinced me I want to sign up for a race there in July where we get to finish on the actual Olympic track! How amazing is that. I just need  to book but not until payday as I am still sticking to my very strict budget!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Olympic park. My friend was a volunteer at the Olympics so was lucky enough enough to be invited to the preview of the opening ceremony.

    London has some surprising little gems of nature hidden away where you would least expect them.

    1. Thank you for you comments- how fantastic for your friend. I would love to volunteer for the Olympics should they ever come close enough again. I wasn't in a position to last time.

      I need to discover some more of London's gems- we love a trip up on the train :-)