Monday, 4 May 2015

Roller Skating

Around  year ago a local indoor play place expanded and had a roller ink added. Stephanie has been asking for ages to go. We finally got around to it this weekend. It is where Stephanie had her birthday party. 
We got up on Saturday morning and iced the cakes I had made the evening before, pink naturally!

When we gotto the party I discovered that I could have two adults on  the rink with the children as part of the party price- this hadn't been mentioned when I booked. Perfect as I was asking if my sister and I could go on with the children and how much it would cost.  
I have only ever been roller skating once before and that was at a grown up place which involved alcohol. My nerves were not strong enough and I sat on a chair and laughed at everyone else!

This place for children has a specially designed floor to reduce speed- perfect. I was quite happy bambi-ing around the rink. I really enjoyed it. So did the birthday girl. It was her second time at the rink. She does have a pair of skates which she received for Christmas so is a little more practised than I am.

Here she is in motion!

Hiding under the table because she didn't want her picture taken!

We ended up skating for nearly two hours as there was a lot of parties happening at the same time and staff were so busy. All children went home happy having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I think I am going to have a birthday party this year- guess where I want it!!


  1. I think I would have just watched. It looks a lot of fun and you must be tired now.

    1. It was fabulous fun, I am so pleased that I did it.