Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My little slice of the world

I have been a little lazy on the running front this week. I have lost my mojo. After lots of battling with myself I managed to drag myself out this morning for an hour to run.
Look at some of the stunning places I have to choose to explore,

All taken a short distance from home, this is why I wanted to live here. I need to find time to get out there more and explore it. I used to know most of these places as a child. Then I moved away, roads have been re-routed, new roads built. There has been a lot of change but the picturesque areas are still there I just need to rediscover how to get to them.
I also feel much better for having got out for an hour to run, i even had a healthier breakfast when I got back than I have managed all week.

Are you taking a few minutes out for yourself today? I know it is something that is easy to forget but we all need a little time. I am lucky that as Stephanie is not due back from her dad's until this afternoon I was able to take a whole hour.


  1. It looks very beautiful where you live.

    1. It is, it is a very beautiful village. I was admiring the views while I ran and decided to snap a few. I should do this more often :-)