Monday, 25 May 2015

Making the most of what you have

I borrowed some gardening books from the local library recently as I have been looking for inspiration/guidance on how to make the most of our garden. I am really enjoying this book,
The thrifty gardener it has lots of practical advice on how to make things for yourself to improve your garden. I was really taken with the idea for a compost bin made out of recycled wood. I have really missed not having a compost bin since we moved here. So I started to read my freecycle emails more eagerly. I regularly check my local freecycle to see what is about, if I can make use of anything that others are offering. I have offered things on there which we no longer use. I was very excited on Friday to read that some had pallets listed on there, and even better for me they were already dismantled. This is crucial as I know from experience of trying that I can not fit pallets in my  little fiesta! I immediately emailed to ask if they were still available. They were so Saturday saw me and Dylan head out to collect a little bit of wood. When we got there I was astonished to find that the gentleman had loads of wood and he was very pleased for me to rehome it. He is doing building work on his home and has lots of pallets left by the builders etc.
My car boot was filled! All I needed to do was remove nails on most of the wood.

The unloaded wood, Well some of it- I had already started building when I took this photo. I couldn't wait to get stuck in!

The finished compost bin. It is made in four levels and then the roof. Each layer comes off separately so that you can turn the compost and easily get to the compost at the bottom of the bin. I will keep you updated on just how easy this is in practice once we get using it. I am so pleased at how well it has come out. All it has cost is the petrol to collect it and as the collection point was only 9 miles away was a very minimal cost, and a few screws.
With the offcuts of the wood from making the compost bin I made this little planter
Perfect for the tomato plants I was given today.

I have already made another slightly larger planter, and plan to make more as the week goes on with the remainder of the wood. I will share once they are complete. For now I must dash- Dylan has made dinner tonight and I have been called. 
How are you spending your bank holiday?


  1. Lovely job, I would be hopeless at building anything, but can't wait to hear how your compost bins is working. We use a green bag and the local council take it away every two weeks, helps keep the garden tidy.

    1. Thank you. This is a really simple design, very similar to how Dylan taught me t make my raised beds the other month.
      Our council give us a wheelie bin which is emptied weekly for garden/ food waste. Which is good and we have been doing this since moving here, but I miss having my own compost to use in the garden and have to keep buying it,

  2. That is such a great compost bin!
    I love pallet projects, but dismantling them is definitely the worst bit by far!

    1. Thank you. Yes I loath pulling them apart, I'm not going to lie I was very pleased that the gentleman had already done that part.

  3. Aww, they look great and wonderful to think that it has all come from recycled material. Great to see it being put to use and clearly you have some creative skills!

    1. Thank you. I am loving my garden now. I have a few more things I want to do, but it is all coming together, and mostly through recycling. Win win!!