Sunday, 17 May 2015

Race for Life

Today was our local Race for Life. Stephanie and I were signed up. I didn't get any pictures before we started as Stephanie was starting to feel nervous. She set off at a sprint leaving her school friends we had bumped into behind. She does like to sprint through the crowds in and out of tiny gaps, people always comment wow look at her she's little to be running quicker than us. In their astonishment to watch her they unknowingly block my way so I am left runnign behind  'excuse me can I get through excuse me' as if I am a rather impatient person! Sorry if you are one of those I had to do this to I rpomise I am not rude just trying to keep up with my 9 year old! LOL
It was a very warm day and at 2 miles roughly Stephanie started to get tired and hot and bothered. She asked if at the end she could squeeze any water left in her bottle over her head. So I squirted her with mine (my bottle holds more) Resulted in a mini water fight. She soon forgot that she had been moaning and reached the 4k mark. "We are nearly there?" and off she sprints again.I passed some people I know from work a quick wave and I carried on going- Stephanie was still sprinting ahead. She is quick when she wants to be.
We get to the finish line in an amazing 33 minutes;

That is almost 10 minutes quicker than her time last year! 

a little hot at the end

So we had an ice cream each- perfect!!

A quick face paint and we decided to head off down the high street. We popped in the fruit and veg shop for some supplies and then it was time to come home. Where Stephanie decided to go out on her bike before we went to my sisters where she played in the paddling pool and on the trampoline with her cousins before heading off for her 1 hour swimming lesson!

I am so proud of her. I hope she will continue to be this happy and enjoying her sport.


  1. Congratulations to both of you.

  2. What an achievement for you both!
    I think my time would be about 33 years at the moment, can't wait for the all clear to start some exercise and loose my baby belly.
    X x