Sunday, 21 June 2015

End of the month endings..

This si the last week of the payday month. I have £10 left in my purse and £10 in the bank. I am going to survive the rets of the week just with the £10 in my purse. I need a few little bits: bananas, yoghurt, tomatoes. The rest of what we use si in the fridge/ freezer. They are all little odds and ends but they will be used up.
Stephanie has gone to her dad's for the week as he is off of work. So just Dylan and myself to feed. Today he is at his aunt's.
Yesterday I had yoghurt and fruit for breakfast. Salad and fish fingers for lunch. For dinner a bit of a concoction, beef steak with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach (from garden) and garlic bread.

I have had yoghurt with a banana chopped in it for breakfast.
Lunch I am going to have salad (from the garden) with two eggs I have.
Dinner I have a pie from the freezer which will be making it's way on to my dinner plate, with some of the potatoes which need using and the brocolli and carrots that need eating from the fridge.

I will have a peek through the freezer for the rest of the week. I know in there I have some sausages, park chops, kievs, chicken breasts and fish portions. So that should be those used up. Lunches I will take salads to work. Breakfast is generally fruit and yoghurt, quick and easy for me to organise.

I am taking a short break from report writing. I am going to go and make lunch and come back to it with fresh eyes. They take so long to write but I will be gld if I manage to get all done today.


  1. Some of our best meals are made in the week before payday, using up what we have. My mum was a wizz at making meals from nothing.

    1. I'm always surprised at how much food there is once you start digging, yet you think there is barely any...

  2. It's surprising how many different meals can be rustled up out of left over bits and pieces.
    PS I used to hate report writing - like ironing the pile never seems to end. Soon be summer.

    1. It is surprising, looking through the freezer I may manage to eek things out for more than a week! I may just do freezer dinners until it is empty then have a completely fresh restock.

      Report writing certainly is like the ironing pile- the one that you bring back after camping for 2 weeks! Still I'm nearly there 10 more to go!