Sunday, 21 June 2015

Growing in the garden

I popped up the garden today to collect some food for my lunch tomorrow. This is what I have found;

The first of the peas and the radishes, along with the prolific salad leaves and the strawberries (I got there before the birds now that they are covered with netting!)

I was so impressed that I am going to get the first of the peas- usually Stephanie snaffles all of the peas whilst playing, As she is at her dad's I thought I was safe to enjoy these in my salad tomorrow, I was so impressed with my little haul I posted a photograph on Facebook. Next thing I knew Stephanie was letting herself in the back door and snaffling them! She had been at her swimming lesson down the road and her dad showed her the photograph, she has daddy wrapped around her finger and convinced him that she needed to come and see me!