Friday, 3 July 2015


So the other day I went to the supermarket and look at what I got reduced;

That's write punnets of plums for 4p each!

I chopped up 5 punnets and popped them in a pan with some water and let them cook down. Once they were nice a cooked I strained them.

The 'lumpy bits' were mashed and frozen as they will make a tasty crumble later on.

The liquid had sugar added and made some lovely looking jars of jam.
I now have five of these in the cupboard ready for when the current lot run out. 
So I still have a few plums left. So this is what I do;

prick the plums and place in a jar. 

add a little sugar

Pour in the magic ingredient to cover the fruit.

Lid on and shake, shake, SHAKE!!!
Shake regularly throughout the next couple of days. Then place somewhere cool and dark for as many months as you can handle!

Wonder who can guess what I am making now?!


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    1. How did you guess! HAHA I love fruity vodka's I can't wait until they are ready.