Saturday, 4 July 2015

This week has been hot! This has meant that for the first time since Dylan installed it, our water butt ran dry!
100 L Slim Water Butt

Not great when it the garden is going crazy, veggies are really doing well. We have been eating lettuce, peas, spinach and strawberries daily for about a fortnight. There is promise of plenty to come from all of the other plant beds too. So the water butt has been well used. I ended up using the outdoor tap to water the plants on Thursday as I just could not get anymore water out of the butt. I definitely need to save and get a second one installed. Then last night we had a very noisy storm. I wasn't impressed about 2am when the thunder woke me and then the rain absolutely hammered down for ages. It went on so long that I did fall back asleep whilst it was still going on. When I went out to the garden this morning though I realised a very BIG bonus to such a busy storm. The water butt is half full again, So I could water the plants using it again.

I have been saving water as much as I can recently, really taking a conscious effort not to waste a drop. When I run the tap to wash up I catch all of the cold water in the bowl first this is taken straight out and waters the tomatoes growing on the patio area. When I wash the lettuce and other vegetables before making our food the water is left in the bowl so that I can tip it straight out into the patio area plants.

As our income has been reduced further, and promise of further cuts are eminent we are cutting back wehrever possible. Today I fancied cake, but we have no eggs so I thought never mind won't hurt me to go without. I didn't voice my thoughts, no need.

A couple of hours later Dylan came to me and said can I make cake mum? No eggs son sorry. He goes back up to his room, less than five minutes later he came back down. "I have found an eggless cake recipe, can I try it?" So he is out in the kitchen. It smells good so far.

I guess where there is a will there's a way! That's my boy :-)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your cake, I love your son's spirit.

    1. The cake was lovely, not as light and fluffy as an egged one, but very tasty. I love his spirit too- he'll go far that boy of mine :-)