Monday, 6 July 2015

Me and my shadow...

It's that time of year again when my aunt goes on holiday and a four legged fur baby comes to stay at our house.

Yesterday I pottered aroudn the garden, weeding and tidying up.

All is growing well.
Look who followed me around the whole afternoon just checking what I was doing.

When I went up for a bath after finishing look where I found her;

Cheeky dog!

This is your bed! lol

I am hoping that tonight she will sleep better. Despite having stayed with me 5 times previously she is not happy at night time. She hasn't stayed in this house before so that could be unsettling her a little. But I have had 2 nights of no sleep as she has moaned so much. I have left her walk later tonight in the hop ethat a later walk may help her. But she has been lying next to me asleep whilst I am busy working on the laptop so possibly not. I shall wake her in a  few minutes to walk and cross everything that tonight she sleeps. It is worse than having a new born baby!

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