Saturday, 1 August 2015

An easy day

Today I felt peaceful, I went for my morning run and when I got back I decided to do the bare minimum housework. My aunt called and popped round, so we sat in the garden and had a natter. Dylan needed a haircut so we popped to his great aunt shop whilst his aunt cut his hair we had a natter and a catch up. Quick pop to the library and the supermarket for fruit/veg then it was home and back in the garden. This is what my day has looked like;


I feel very relaxed and peaceful. It is not often I get a day like this. Tomorrow I need to do a little more tidying. I think I will spend the morning dong that and then the afternoon very much like today. I love the sun lounger chair my neighbour gave me when they replaced it, it is perfect for enjoying the summer.

I am about to watch Mrs Brown's boys with a  little more crochet then I shall be heading to bed. What are your plans for this weekend, are you having the chance to enjoy the sunshine?


  1. Time out most of the nights, meal on Friday, BBQ last night and today lunch with a friend, phew busy but fun xxx