Sunday, 2 August 2015

Little visitors

Today I started out with an early run, it's too hot to go in the middle of the day also I like to run first thing I find I'm ready for the day after a run.

Home for breakfast etc and then crack on with the housework. I have almost finished sorting out my clothes and getting rid of any that don't fit/ I don't wear any longer. Just a few more bits in the wardrobe, Then they will go off to the cash for clothes place and I will crack on with redecorating my bedroom. I have bought the paint a little each payday for the last couple of months so once I am organised I can just crack on.

After today's tidying jobs were complete I went to sit in the garden with my runners world magazine. I was laying on the sunlounger my neighbour gave me- I love it and am so grateful they thought of offering it to me. I had a little visitor;

I've seen this little cat in the garden a lot since we moved here but it is usually too shy for us to get close. In this picture it was watching Dylan make his lunch. He rolled around the ground at my feet and then came over and let me pet him  (or her!) briefly. It came back a little while later and sat by the car if I step towards it he runs away but if I lay in the lounger he'll come for a fuss. I must have dozed off as all of a sudden it was 3 o clock! I carried on reading my magazine and look who was on the chair next to me;

A little grasshopper calling away and there were others I could hear up in the grass as well. 

I spent a lovely afternoon in the garden again today I finished my magazine. Then decided to listen to some of the old archers episodes on radio 4. I found them very interesting to listen to, it's like someone reading you a story. So I continued being lazy laying in the garden  busied myself crocheting like mad working on the new blanket for my bedroom once I decorate! LOL
I only came in at 9:30 because I could no longer see as it was getting so dark. It's still very warm although the wind is picking up a little but with sleeves on it's fine.

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