Monday, 3 August 2015


My little lady came back from Brownie camp today. Excited, but shattered!

I needed to pop to town to get some cash out and pay for a couple of coach trips we have planned. In a nearby town a lovely youth worker organises trips for families every summer. We are always invited along to join in, all for the princely sum of £5 each. We have one trip which is to an air show and the other to a nearby seaside town. Well actually they are both coastal seaside towns. The first one is an hour and 40 minute drive away the other is 1 hour and 20 minute drive away. Both towns have parking costs over £10 for the day for little car like mine. So these trips work out much better value when you think they don't cost me in petrol or wear and tear on my car etc. Also I like to go out with other grown ups too! LOL

I have also pottered in the garden and collected these;
Stephanie gobbled the peas quickly and had a very sad face when I said that there would not be many more this eyar. Next year I need to plant a variety of pea plants so we get a longer cropping season as they are a favourite here.

We had half these carrot thinnings with our dinner, the others in the fridge for tomorrows lunch.

We had half the green beans with our dinner, the others I have frozen for another time as I get this many almost everytime I go hunting in the bean bed at the moment. I am the only one who really likes them, Stephanie will eat a few and Dylan won't touch them at all.

I also spent a little time crafting with my girl in the garden;


Before we both decided it was time to sit with our feet up!


  1. We have our feet up this afternoon too.

    1. I have really enjoyed this summer, usually I feel the need to fill the summer full of busy days.This year has been equally balanced with days out and home days. I wonder if this is a result of getting old/ the peaceful place we now live in. I feel very rested for it!