Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A day out solo!

Stephanie went to her dad's early this morning as they are going to Legoland for the day. I fancied going to a castle/ gardens and Dylan declared that that is not something he would like to do. So I went by myself. It was lovely wandering around at my own pace, stopping to look closely when something caught my attention. I went to Walmer castle

I have been there before with the children but I saw lots of different things today being on my own. You are not allowed to take photo's in the castle, but I was very snap happy in the garden. There were lots of flowers I really liked the look of, the lady working there today was a volunteer and didn't know the names unfortunately. If you know any of these please pop it in the comments- I want to get some for my garden.

After I had finished in the castle and gardens I went across the road to sit on the beach and eat my lunch
I then decided to wander along the sea front. Lok at some of the things I found;

I ended up walking over a cliff top, through several national trust properties. It was such a  beautiful day I walked just over 7 miles on total. I had no intention of going for a walk, hence the footwear you can see in the beach photo, I must say my feet are a little sore now though! LOL
And the best thing- it didn't cost me a penny as I have my English Heritage card to get in the castle for free and walking doesn't cost. I took all the food and drink I needed with me from home.

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