Thursday, 13 August 2015

Gone visiting...

Sorry about the radio silence- we have been off visiting. We went on our delayed trip oop norf to stay at my sister's.

I have had hundreds of squishy baby hugs. I have met my newest nephew and newest great nephew. As well as spending time with 3 of my nieces and 4 nephews. Whilst we were away we went to a fairy festival, bowling and to 2 different beaches.

We have had a great time. Before we left I blitzed the house. I am so pleased I did it was great  to get home late last night and look and marvel in the order and tidiness. Before I went to bed I unpacked the suitcases put them back in the attic, put all the things from the car away and started the washing machine. All I have to organise is a couple of loads of washing. I can live with that. the children are awake but still in bed. I'm thinking we might have a pyjama day as it's a bit wet and wild outside.

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