Sunday, 23 August 2015

Home improvements

I have finally finished my bedroom;

I love it! It's much calmer and peaceful. I need to find this for the rest of the house now or I might just spend my days  in bed! LOL

I do want to get new accessories, I would like a lampshade as I don't have one. Also a bedside lamp as I knocked mine over whilst decorating and have broken it. It's glass so is now quite dangerous. I have spotted a lampshade I like and it is currently on sale for £7.99 so I shall be going back in the week once I have been paid I just need to find a lamp ion the colour I want (purple). I also would like to finish my new purple crochet blanket and eventually I would like a different duvet set with purple tones in it. The duvet is not essential though as there is nothing wrong with the couple of sets I have so will wait until I find a bargain somewhere.

This project has cost in total
£20 for the grey paint
£10 for white paint
£13 for gloss
£17 for floor paint

So a total of £60. However I still have half a tin of white gloss which will be used elsewhere in the house and there is a little white emulsion in the tin and 1/3 of  the floor paint left. All will be used up in future projects. 


  1. Looks really calming, you have done a nice job.

  2. Your bedroom looks lovely. Purple is my daughter's favorite color and she has touches of it in her bedroom, too. Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  3. Did you have to sand the floors? What a job that is!
    It looks great on a tiny budget.
    All the best

    1. Thank you. I did sand the floors all with my poor little electric palm sander, took a while but was worth it.

  4. Great job! And I love the big granny square :)

    1. Thanks, it was my mum's. She started making it before she died :-)