Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy Halloween

I seem to have been super busy since I started back at school. Hardly a moment to catch my breath before onto the next whirling event.

I am still here and trying to keep a tight grip on our finances. I am watching the news waiting for the
pinch to hit harder!

We are still managing to have some fun though, and still sticking to minimal spending.

We went to the local farm for our annual pumpkin pick- we left with just a  few! Lots of soup will be made to keep us warm through winter! LOL

 Stephanie has taken part in some local running events.

 We went out for a delicious meal to celebrate my 35th birthday. Ok so not the most frugal choice but soo tasty. I think this one warrants a post all of its own another day!
We have also had my baby boys 17th birthday. The car in the distance will give a clue to his present this year! Again, a post for another day!

So much to catch up on but now I have a garden full of children asking for lunch- left over party food from last night it is!