Monday, 15 February 2016

Can't believe my eyes

Now before anyone thinks this is a single girls rant against Valentines day I can promise you that it is not, I have never liked the pressure when in a relationship to buy the best present/have the best evening etc all because of the date.

I popped to the shop this afternoon for our weekly shop once the boiler engineer had been and made my house toasty again. While in the supermarket I noticed that they had 3 apples packaged into a heart shape for you to have a healthy treat with you valentine- for £2!! It was 3 apples.

On the way out I noticed the reduced price Valentines flowers- originally at £15-£20 on half price. I like to have flowers in the house but these weren't anything special just bulk standard bouquets that you would usually see in the supermarket for  fraction of the cost- they just had a red/pink cellophane.

I wasn't going to post all of this until I just signed into my email and found this:

Get a grip! It's a car I would NOT buy a valentines present for a car. If you want to try and sell me things for my car DO NOT package it up as a valentines gift.

It surely can't only be me that things are going way too far??

What a boring grump I must come across today- sorry. Sunshiny post tomorrow?

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  1. I quite like looking at the valentines day rubbish. It never ceases to amaze me the crap some people will buy.heart shaped frying pans are my favourite