Sunday, 14 February 2016

Half term fun

Half term is jam packed with busy-ness. Yesterday was an easy day. I took Stephanie to her final ice skating lesson then dropped her to spend a few days with her dad. Which left me free to have a run then spend the evening on the sofa.

Today I met with a colleague, we are off on a school trip in a couple of weeks so we had to go and do our pre-visit check for the risk assessment or we won't be allowed to go. We had a lovely time wandering around the farm and museums then had a leisurely lunch in the cafe. It was a lovely day, whilst in the cafe we had general life chats as well as a discussion about our learning for next term. It is not often we have time to sit and chat in our job so it wasa  lovely surprise. We sat down about 1pm to eat and all of a sudden it was 4:30! Still lots of ideas discussed the children should enjoy our trip back in time next term!

Tomorrow I am supposed to be spending the day with a uni friend by the coast before a much awaited girl's night in at my house. I may not make it down the coast though as when I got home today I discovered the boiler is broken. I am now waiting in on a 24 hour call out for a repair.

Tuesday I am meeting up with another colleague then Stephanie comes home in the afternoon.

Wednesday my brother is comin over for the day and I expect my sister and her children will visit.

Thursday am meeting up with the colleague from today so we can write the plannign for next term. Then Stephanie's friend is coming for a sleepover.

Friday is a day out with Stephanie's sleepover friend.

Saturday I have an evening race 6pm-midnight.

Sunday I will be sleeping.

How does your half term look? I am off to find my duvet and snuggle down to watch Call the midwife.

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