Sunday, 27 February 2011

I love the weekend

I love the weekend, it is a time when we can spend time as a family and not have times to be in set places. Well if you ignore the Saturday morning swimming lessons.
Sundays have absolutely no restrictions on our time. So today we got up after having a lie in, came down I made sausage and egg muffins for breakfast. Whilst eating we decided that we were going to Teston country park. We had lots of fun playing in the mud and puddles there.

This picture was taken just after Dylan fell over in a puddle. It didn't spoil our fun too much, although we did come home quicker than planned as he got, unsurprisingly, cold.

After we got changed we popped to the shops to get some bits and pieces when Stephanie spotted some rainbow wool. She promptly asked "Mum can you make me something with this wool because it is so so cool". Now I have not knitted something since I was a teenager, so bought some needles and decided I can make her a scarf. Lots of head scratching later and I am remembering how to do stocking stitch;

So far its going well, the challenge is going to be the hat she wants to have to match the rainbow scarf. Guess I best start looking for patterns!


  1. Have just really enjoyed reading about your Fen 2011.
    It is a little habit of mine: when I discover a new blog i really like, I like to read what they were doing a year ago!

    1. Sorry, only just spotted your comment, it is very interesting reading back through old posts- mine and others! LOL