Friday, 25 February 2011

Penguins and Meerkats

The other day I said to the children we could have a day out to a place of their choice, the choice was to be slightly more Stephanie's than Dylan's as Dylan chose last Saturday.
They chose to go to Wingham Wildlife Park If anyone reading this lives nearby, or indeed happens to be nearby. It is WELL worth a visit. It was our first visit today, it will not be our last!
sorry about this one, I can't work out how to turn it!

One small section of a fab play area

I really struggled to choose photographs to show for our day out, these are just some of them.
It was fabulous here, the children loved all the animals, Stephanie's favourites- penguins and Dylan's favourites- Meerkats, were here among many other animals. The children played for nearly an hour and a half in the play area, whilst I sat to the side quietly sewing hexies for Stephanie's quilt. An idyllic day all round!

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