Tuesday, 29 March 2011

organised is not me!

but I really do need to be! I am awful at sorting myself out. I have had 2 days off this week so far and all I have done is dig a tiny part of the allotment over and tidy the shed. I think I am going ot write myself one of these for each day;

Yup the only way I see myself getting anything done is to write a list. I may stop whiling away the days thinking about what I need to do rather than doing it this way. I will then do a round up post in the evening and plan for the next day. I'm going to trial run this so here is my to do list for tomorrow;
1. take Stephanie to school, then go for a run (possibly more a walk interspersed with the odd jog. I have not done any excercise in a while!)
2. get car windscreen fixed/replaced- something hit it as I was driving down the motorway today, not good.
3. whilst waiting for windscreen repair, which is booked for the morning, begin to write my literature review for uni.
4. after lunch go to the allotment to dig more.
5. collect Stephanie from school and take to party.
6. in the evening sew more of the hexie quilt, I am becoming concerned I will not have done for Stephanie's birthday after all.

On that note I am off to collect the children in from outside so I can get them clean and to bed in order to sew some of the quilt!

Wish me luck!


  1. Yes good luck I live off lists. If not nothing would EVER get done. The problem is I never get to the end as I just add more things on each time. Goundhog day !

  2. haha yes I did think of a few more things that need to be added but I am resisiting adding anymore until I have done these 6. So far have managed item 1 :-)