Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Success, well a partial success at least

Last night I set myself a challenge of completing a whole 6 items on my to do list for today. So lets see how I have done;

1. take Stephanie to school, then go for a run (possibly more a walk interspersed with the odd jog. I have not done any exercise in a while!) Done I actually managed to jog the majority of the 3 MILES I went. So impressed with myself, I am determined to do it more often, childcare permitting

2. get car windscreen fixed/replaced- something hit it as I was driving down the motorway today, not good. Done, all fixed although have been told I need to replace all the wipers on the car. There's always something that needs doing.

3. whilst waiting for windscreen repair, which is booked for the morning, begin to write my literature review for uni. I actually spent all day doing this, I have managed to write 1/3 of this, so another success here.

4. after lunch go to the allotment to dig more. Didn't manage this one due to spending the majority of my time today working on the literature review- there's always the weekend....

5. collect Stephanie from school and take to party. Done

6. in the evening sew more of the hexie quilt, I am becoming concerned I will not have done for Stephanie's birthday after all done, but still tonnes more to go
All in all the list worked for today, so I am going to make another one for tomorrow. As I am in school all day tomorrow I won't have anywhere near as much on my list.
  1. clean hamsters out
  2. 45mins of literature review writing
  3. 30 Min's of hexie sewing
  4. jujitsu lessons for the children
  5. lesson plans/ evaluations
Let's see how that goes. I may even attempt some photography for tomorrow's blog post....

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