Friday, 1 April 2011

Introduction to the allotment

Today I went back to the allotment with Dylan and Stephanie to help me. They loved it.
This is  a lovely big bay tree.

This is the patch I have managed to dig over so far, next to the shed of the neighbouring plot is a damson tree on my side.

This is a rhubarb plant I have found on the plot.

This is going to take some work. The trees on the right hand side of this picture are already on my plot. They are eating apple, cooking apple and a pear tree.

This is the part they enjoyed the most

the allotment is giving us so much space, its bigger than our back garden. Once I get it sorted it should be fab. Stephanie is amazed that we get to keep ALL the vegetables we manage to grow.
We went down to do some digging after dinner this evening. Due to us all being in school we didn't get there until 6pm, so just one hour spent there. If I can go for an hour or so a day we will get there with it. I think the plan will be to finish the section I have been digging over plant some vegetables I'm thinking potatoes to begin with. Then move onto the next section, and so on until the whole plot is bursting with produce. Have I ever mentioned I am slightly optimistic?!

I didn't get time to get on here to update the list for yesterday. I didn't manage to complete it yesterday either, so it rolled over until today, and it is still not complete. So I am writing a list for tomorrow which I am hoping is more realistic as its Saturday;
  1. clean hamsters. Dylan has said he is doing this, which was part of the deal for them getting hamsters in the first place
  2. 1 hour of literature review
  3. Stephanie has a party
  4. buy present for the party
  5. take the children to their dads houses
  6. 1 hour of digging
  7. go to visit friends for the evening.
I think that should be achievable. I will let you know at some point over the weekend.

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