Sunday, 26 February 2012


For a weekend off I haven't stopped! Today was much more interesting but physically  more work. I spent the afternoon at the allotment, Dylan sifted compost off the heap,

I dug over part of the bed where I am planning to put the peas this year

This muddy patch was thick grass when I arrived, I have a lot more to dig out but I am happy with this start. Whilst digging the grass out I had to keep digging these out;

they had been used by the previous tenants as borders but I don't want it laid out that way. They aren't going to waste as the gentleman with the plot next to mine has asked if he can have them. I pulled somewhere between 30 and 40 out today I'm not sure how many he wants but I am pleased that at least some of them will be re-homed.

 whilst Stephanie harvested rather a lot of veg given the little we planted and the time of year.

She harvested 1540g in total broken down as;
  • 290g red cabbage
  • 86g bay leaves
  • 380g Curly kale
  • 70g Rosemary
  • 714g savoy cabbage
There is slightly more curly Kale than planned as whilst there I was chatting to a couple with a neighbouring plot who told me my tall lanky kale plants will fill out if I cut the tops off. So I have done that- I hope it works as the kale has kept going all through the winter I had 5 plants that survived and they have provided for us for the past few months.

When we got back we planted seeds together using the compost we brought back with us;
  • peas
  • aubergine
  • leek
  • pepper- 2 varieties
  • tomato
  • parsnip
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • green beans
  • sweetpea
  • lobelia
  • begonia
I hope some of them work. I am planning on sorting the home compost bin this week and then I can plant more seeds, successional planting is what I am aiming for this year.


  1. truly amazing. i thought i had been busy, but you put me to shame,

    1. I'm sure you have been busy too- I didn't think I had done that much until I wrote it down here, it looks like so much more. Finally managed to sit down now- weekends need to be longer!