Thursday, 23 February 2012

Independence days challenge #2

OK so this week has gone flying past! I'm not sure that I have done much towards the challenge- shall I blame this on going back to work?

Plant something: I have put my main crop potatoes to chit, this is the closest I have come to planting this week.

Harvest something: Nothing harvested this week.

Preserve something: Linked to above- no harvest so not preserving.

Waste not: Food has gone to compost so no food wasted. I am feeling smug as we only have only had 1 small carrier bag of waste to go out to the main rubbish collection each week recently. I know no waste at all would be better, but that is something to work towards.

Want Not: When I used a jarred curry sauce in the week I have saved the jar ready for preserving/ storing food.

Eat the Food: Still working our way through the jam I made.

Build community food systems: I haven't given away any food- mostly as I have not harvested.

And a new one: Skill up: This week Dylan taught me how to change the inner tubes on my bike. I am feeling very proud of myself as he showed me the front one, and I managed the back one all by myself. I am planning on getting better at using my bike and being less reliant on the car.

I got the idea for the Independence days challenge from Angela over at The high desert chronicles  The Independence day challenge originally came from the Chatelaine's Keys

If you are inspired to join in leave a comment below linking to your blog.


  1. Isn't it amazing how time just seems to fly? Why can't we preserve that as well? Maybe I'm on to something there. Can we preserve time and not waste it? LOL

    I think there will be times when not every part of the challenge will be met and that's okay too.

    We've really worked over the last few months to begin reducing the amount of garbage that goes out as well. We used to fill up two large bins and we've gotten down to one bin now. Sometimes we'll only fill half a bin which is awesome.

    1. it's very satisfying knowing that waste has been reduced.

      When you figure out how to preserve time I shall buy some!! LOL

      I realised after I posted this entry I have planted something this week- I planted cress with the children in my class this week, we're going to have some with our snack once it is grown :-)