Thursday 7 June 2012

June's happiness revolution

Once again I am joining with Astra's happiness revolution. My 10 reasons to be happy in June are;

  1. A week off.
  2. I have had lots of time with friends and family in my week off.
  3. The strawberries are growing well and will be ready soon.
  4. I have written the school reports.
  5. I am getting my new (to me!) car tomorrow.
  6. I have discovered that I love running early in the morning.
  7. hearing my children playing, together and with friends and family, and hearing them laughing.
  8. I am planning a summer camping trip with my sisters, one of my brothers and most of my nieces and nephews
  9. I am enjoying my job a LOT
  10. Dylan's chocolate brownies make me very happy (even if they are going to make me exceedingly fat!)


  1. haha brilliant list and the running will counteract the brownies! :)

    1. I think I may need to run a bit arther than I do to make up for the amount of brownies I have eaten. I didn't get any of the last batch the children at the barbecue celebration ate them before us grown ups got a look in lol- wise children!

  2. Strawberries and chocolate in one post! Woohoo!
    Jane x

    1. hehe it's all about the food here! Stephanie and I shared the 1st home grown strawberry of the year today :-)