Sunday, 9 December 2012

A frugal Christmas jumper

At work on Friday we are going to be having a charity day where you make a donation to wear a Christmas jumper for a day.
What a great idea- except I don't have a Christmas jumper and I don't want to fork out ££ buying one for one day.  I wouldn't wear it again so would be a complete waste.

I decided I would make a Christmas jumper using one of my existing jumpers in the wardrobe and some scrap material from the stash. Here's what I did;

I cut out and pinned on 2 circles to be a snowman head and body. I appliqued them on using a large zigzag stitch on my machine.
I then made a hat and scarf from other scraps and sewed them on using the same method.
And here we have a finished frugal Christmas jumper.
I'm planning on removing my snowman after Friday so that it will be just a normal black jumper again. Not a penny spent!


  1. Brilliant - why buy a jumper that you will never wear again. Very innovative.
    Love from Mum

    1. Ty. I really am trying not to waste money and buy things I don't need and this would have been a big waste :-)

  2. My work is having a christmas jumper day too and i was wondering what to do since I dont have one, then I remembered i'll not be there - maternity leave lol great idea tho and especially since you can take it off again!
    ps i like your new organised desk area, im doing my craft room one square foot at a time its that bad lol!!! x

    pps and i hope you dont think this cheeky but would you consider removing the word verification on your comments, its sooo frustrating lol I dont have it and i only get 1 spam every 2-3 months xx

    1. Haha one way to dodge the dodgy jumper wearing! Lol how are you getting on?

      I didn't realise I had that annoying verification thing on here- bear with me i'm ICT challeneged I will try and locate then remove- I absolutely hate doing them, I always type them in wrong!

    2. ok that wasn't as difficult as I expected- I think I have managed to switch it off- let me know :-)