Friday, 14 December 2012


After work today I collected Stephanie from her school Christmas disco then we went for a Christmas decoration drive. Stephanie is fascinated by peoples houses when they are decorated for Christmas so we went to view some in nearby villages. We took photos of a couple of favourites where there were safe places to stop and look.

You can't see all of the lights in either picture as I couldn't stand far enough back to take the photographs, but they give the general idea.
We came back to have an egg sandwich and watch a Christmas film and write cards for school

That is our Christmas fun for today, Dylan has already gone to his Dad's, Stephanie goes in the morning after swimming and we have been to the florist to hopefully buy a wreath for my Mum's grave.


  1. I used to love the traditional "drive into town after dark in my PJ's" each year to see the Christmas lights - it's something I did with GD when she was little too. Simple fun! x

    1. I don't remember seeing houses decorated when I was a child, but have been going for 'the drive' since having Dylan when my in laws introduced us to it as their family tradition. It is a very simple yet Christmassy thing to do. On seeing the two houses above Stephanie decided that "they must be very very rich" as when she asked why we don't decorate our outside of the house I told her honestly I can't afford to!