Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Happiness Revolution

I have not joined in with a happiness revolution for a while, prompted by Astra's post yesterday I have decided it may be just the thing I need. I'm feeling glum, nothing serious just run down, full of cold, overtired and a little sensitive. So I'm going to ignore that and share the things I am happy for!

10 things that are making me happy

The 10 things I am happy about this month are

1. The excitement I feel before I give people their presents
2. That I will get to see my children's expressions on Christmas day when they find their presents
3. My sister, niece and nephew are coming to stay for new year
4. My little sister has found a home for her and my niece and nephew- not too far away from me :-)
5. I was able to go into work late so that I could watch my daughter's nativity play at school
6. I am getting 2 whole weeks off to spend with my children over Christmas
7. That next weekend I have a super surprise booked for the chn- I can't post any more details as Dylan has discovered this blog- Hi nosey!!
8. On Sunday next week we are off to the pantomime, a yearly treat for us and this year the chn's nan and 2 cousins are joining us
9. My Christmas shopping is complete
10. I have nothing planned for tomorrow morning so I can wake up when I am ready :-)

I'm feeling a little better just seeing things written down to remind me Life IS good!

Now I am off to get ready to brave Asda whilst I have an evening alone


  1. great list and I would be SUPER excited if my sister were moving close to me, I just found out today that my big sister will be back from thailand to spend some time with me over the next 2 months and I am over the moon! Glad your list helped you feel good, i really find that too when you see the written down you cant help but be happier :)

    1. I just need the other 2 sisters to come home now ;-)

      That's fantastic that you will get some time with your big sister x

  2. Looking for the good stuff helps you appreciate what you have, love the list :)

    1. thanks - writing the list has helped a bit, I managed to get quite a few of my things done off of my to do lists. Still many there but it's not feeling so overwhelming now. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight for it and tomorrow will be even better :-)