Sunday, 16 December 2012

a little excitement... beginning to build. Christmas is nearly here. I usually have this excitement much earlier than this, not sure what is happening this year. A well meaning checkout girl suggested it's perhaps that I am getting older :-O.

Today I have been tidying around the house, making up extra beds for our guests who should be arriving anytime soon. I have also been baking;

2 Christmas cakes! because I ate the one I made last month- whoops! At least I know the recipe is good

Mince pies waiting to go in the oven
I made some of the mince pies with my homemade mince meat, some with shop bought. Having sampled both I prefer the home made.
I have also spoken to my sister and talking about my plans for next weekend I think now it doesn't seem so far away it is helping get the spirit going.

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