Thursday, 27 December 2012

christmas 2012

We have had a lovely relaxing Christmas this year, we had a very busy weekend last weekend with going to the Winter Wonderland at Hyde park, seeing Father Christmas in Harrods, then the pantomime followed by the Nativity/Christingle service at the Church on Christmas eve. Christmas day was spent at my aunts house and boxing day at my sisters.
We are now preparing for my sister and her 3 children to come and visit us over New Year.
Some of our highlights from the past week;

Finding that she had a new bike for Christmas

Big brother giving little sister her Christmas present

home made Christmas cake

waiting for the panto

my nephew reading the book Father Christmas gave him

Me, my sisters and their/my children in the Magical Ice kingdom

Seeing Father Christmas in Harrods

Gangnam style through the fun house

The cousins testing out if their tongues would stick to the ice wall!!!!
Our house guest for the festive period.
We have had a fantastic Christmas and hope you have too


  1. Your Christmas looks great fun Sarah. What lovely treats for the children.

    Hope you enjoy a lovely family new year too.

    Sft x

    1. It has been a lovely restoring Christmas.
      We are sure to have a family New year- from the 3 of us it has rapidly expanded to 11! Will be good to see everyone, am now trying to figure out sleeping/eating arrangements :-)

      Happy New year to you and yours x