Saturday, 20 April 2013

English festival

Today Stephanie and I went to a local country park where they were having an English festival. Dylan chose not to come so went to his Dad's instead.

We had a lovely day here are some of the things we did;

grooming a pony

fussing guinea pigs, Stephanie has decided they have scratchy claws so we don't need them after all! LOL

Making rope

Riding the top deck of a child sized bus

showing her face paint off

bunting she designed and made

watching the dragon parade

climbing high
We had a fantastic day, I thought we would be there for a couple of hours max, we were there all day. We got the park and ride bus to the park but the queue for the bus was huge. the policeman organising it said we had an hours wait! As there was no on site parking and still masses of visitors there when we left at closing we decided that we would walk back to the car. The weather was lovely all day so it was a very nice walk back to the car. At 3.6 miles it was slightly longer than I had anticipated but Stephanie managed it perfectly fine and didn't complain once about the distance. Just a little upset when she fell over just a few minutes away from the car. Bless.
It wasn't the most frugal day but we didn't spend as much as we could have;
parking- free
bus- free
children's rides- £3
donuts- £2
ice-cream- £2.50
cake- £2.50 (for 2 huuuggee pieces)
mussels- £2
total spend- £12


  1. That's a great price for all day entertainment! You got so much for your money.

    And what a star Stephanie is, not complaining about the walk.

    I'm impressed with how lovely your children are. You must be a great Mum!

    Sft x

    1. We did get a lot, most activities were free, so I don't mind paying for a few treats especially as the food stalls were small independent local companies.

  2. they sound nice.

    Sweat-tops in the post.x

    1. Stephanie and I like mussels a lot, we discovered them in France a few summers back. I've never been able to get them in the delicious wine sauce we had in France (was an old family recipe of the people we stayed with). We enjoy them how we have had them since hut I would love to have that old French recipe.

      Ty fir posting the sweaters I will let you know when they arrive :-)

  3. ...golly gosh! ~ thee had a most splendid time! ~ and ~ for a mere few tuppence! ~ bravo! ~ sending fuzzy faerie bubbles ~ filled with juicy cuddles! ~ blessed be!...(0: