Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunny Sunday

I am loving that the weather is finally warming up, I do hope that it is only going to get better now!

I have spent today baking a birthday cake, tidying the garden, cutting the grass, planting seeds and doing school work at the garden table. Bliss!

I have also done a little housework, I was sorting some bits out in a pot I keep chucking in a flowerpot on the kitchen side. Put everything away that shouldn't have been in the kitchen and discovered this in the bottom;

I counted it up there was £3.21 in small change. I don't even remember putting it there. So I put it all into the sealed pot. Which incidentally is a figuratively speaking sealed pot as I still have not put a lid on it LOL

The pot is now full, so the plant pot has become sealed pot #2

I also put up this bunting, Stephanie made it yesterday at the English festival, it looks perfect in my hall. I think I may get some pretty papers to put some in the other rooms in the house. I do love bunting, it's so cheerful.
I must go and empty the washing machine ready for going on the line in the morning, and to decorate the cake.


  1. Hasn't the weather been beautiful! It lifts the spirits for sure.

    Good to hear what you've been up to. I bet a lot of us have been out in our gardens :)

    I was doing my school work out there!

    That was a lucky find for your sealed pot 2! Excellent!

    And I love Stephanie's bunting. I love bunting full stop.

    Whose birthday?

    Sft x

  2. It is Stephanie's birthday, she is 7 today. Where does the time go?

  3. ...greetings dear kindred! ~ 'tis always way awesome to find stashed forgotten surprises in one's abode! ~ i could see thee doing the big happy dance!...
    ...birfy blessings to thine weeeeeeeeeeeeeh girl child! ~ the big seven! ~ biggest hugs to thee and thine! ~ blessed be!...(0:
    ...(a tiny note: from this post on until i've done the biggest catch up around blogland ~ i'm going to just leave a bitty smiley face to show mine visit here ~ mine world is in total disarray at the moment ~ still have over 70 posts of other kindreds to read and visit! ~ i doth hope my smiley will suffice for now ~ many blessings to thee!)...

    1. Any comments are also welcome, I often leave a smiley face when I am busy, to let people know I have 'visited' :-)