Sunday, 12 January 2014

RIP faithful friend!

Today we went to a country park with my sister and her family. We organised lunch between us based on the foods we both had. Part of the bargain was that I brought a flask of hot chocolate! There is a café on site which my sister and her family would normally have used. I think I have converted them to bringing their own and saving around £7 per outing in hot drinks.

We did discover that one of my old faithful's is past its best. The hot chocolate in here was only just warm today, which suited everybody else but fussy hot drink person that I am I like mine just out of the kettle.

This one has worn out, I have had my flasks for around 7 years they have done a great job of warming us up, especially after a day like this;

Yep that's just a little of the mud we all got covered in. We are not bothered by the time of year, with adequate clothing there is no such thing as too cold in our family. I'm so pleased I have converted my sister to this way of thinking too as the children love to be out and running around.
I still have one 1 litre flask left and my tiny flask which holds enough soup for Stephanie and me (Dylan doesn't eat soup). So I'm not in a hurry for a replacement yet. But I'm thinking if one has gone will the others be long?
I also popped to the supermarket today for food and fuel. I needed to put the full budgeted £30 in today- I went slightly over at £30.02 silly nozzles! however my grocery shop was under the £20.00 budget so that accounted for the extra 2p! LOL My groceries came to £14.49  I had a 38p voucher so cost me £14.11 add the 2p for fuel totals £14.13. Our trip out cost £2 in parking, but I found 70p as we walked so really only £1.30. take this out of the left over grocery budget and that is £4.59 left over. this is transferred to the squirrel account for our emergency fund. Which means I am now 14% of the way towards the £500 target.


  1. Well done Sarah, 14% is a really good kick start. We used to have days out like that when there were lots of children in the family, a minibus and a few cars would find between 20 and 30 of us out for free/cheap fun.

    1. I love days out like that, these are the smaller version with just one sister.
      When we visit the family up North it becomes a much larger affair and sounds like yours. I have my Dad, 2 sisters and 2 brothers (plus their families) there and we try and get a couple of days out I while I visit.

  2. Yes I agree that's brilliant!

    I feel sad about your flask, as I love them. But as you say it has served you well and saved you loads.

    Sft x

    1. They are fantastic aren't they. It will be missed but swiftly replaced :-)