Sunday, 26 October 2014


I have been meaning all sumer to have a porper decluttering session and well time just runs away, there is always something more interesting to do..

However we have the possibility of a house move in the next month. So I have been busy busy busy getting organised and trying to declutter this weekend while the children are at their dads.

I started downstairs. I know that downstairs doesn't hold as much clutter as upstairs so decided to start there. Through the living room I went, cleaning behind all furniture as I went. then into the downstairs bathroom (we keep shoes in there) to the hallway for the dvd and under stair cupboard. Then finally the kitchen.

These are the items we no longer need;
The bags of old wellies I am going to donate to my school. The old shoes have been listed on eBay, the roller sates are being given to my nephew. Which leaves the old cups and plates to go on freecycle and the dvd's I will try on EBay first, if they don't sell then they will be donated.
Any funds I raise as I clear will be to go towards the costs of the possible move. I'll need a van to start with..
What do you do with things when they are no longer needed by your household?
Off to start on the upstairs today (wish me luck!)

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