Monday, 27 October 2014

More organising

I have been busy still organising the house, I have also listed a few things to sell on eBay and on the local Facebook selling pages. Hopefully, some of them at least will sell. Otherwise off to the charity shops they go.
Today I didn't get as much done as I went to a colleagues house to work on some planning together ready for the new term. It is good to have got that done. I now have the bulk of the work completed for the next term, I just need to break it down into the weekly/daily plans. I will do those this week while Stephanie is still in bed as she rarely wakes before I do.
I have enjoyed my evenings this weekend. I have found time for a little bit of this;
The back of my jumper is growing slowly. I am almost ready to start the armhole shaping's- it should be complete for next winter at this rate!
I am just off now to do some more while Stephanie writes her letter to her pen pal.
If you fancy a nosy at what I am selling, or would like to grab a bargain this is my ebay page. Keep an eye on it, the list will be growing throughout this week.


  1. I like to be up first, I would say it's so I can have some peace but I have to feed all the animals first before I get to sit down in peace.

    Ebaying here as well, I wish you luck x

    1. It's lovely being the first person up isn't it. I rarely just sit when I am first up but I really do cherish getting on with the jobs by myself.
      good luck on your ebaying too.