Saturday, 25 October 2014

Just another lazy Sunday...

last weekend Stephanie got up and asked for a lazy day- I am full of cold so agreed. Sounded just the ticket! So I started off with a lovely warming bowl of porridge and a generous dollop of home made jam.
Stephanie then asks if we can make her costume for the Brownie Halloween party. Apparently the thing to be this year is a zombie cheerleader. Off she oges to riad the fabric stash and comes back with her selection.So I get started, all of the items she chose were donated/ leftovers from previous projects.

There we have it a completely free outfit. Justa  few tweaks to take her from princess to zombie

 job done. It was decided that I needed to be made into mummy zombie;
Great now I can sit down for a while I think, must be time for the lazy in todays title surely...

 Nope apparently it was time to sew. We made some cupcakes. Cute!
Then Stephanie wanted to do some real baking, except we hadn't any butter. So we popped to the shop. We then discovered that the keys were still on the kitchen side. So we popped to the park while we waited for Grandad to come and rescue us- good job I had remembered to pick up my phone!
 Finally made it  back in the house and got started on the baking. Cheese straws and sweet tart cases to fill with fruit later.

Then was time to do the dinner and suddenly it was bath and bed time. Not so relaxing as first thought the day was going to be, but refreshing all the same!

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