Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pick your own #2

As I promised last week, I took Stephanie to pick our own pumpkins yesterday. I have a stinking cold so I didn't have as much energy as I did last week. However, Stephanie seemed to have a good time even if I felt bad for not being bale to run whilst pushing the wheelbarrow like I had for my niece and nephew last week. I guess she wasn't there last week so doesn't know how much less energy I put in yesterday!

We had a fabulous time, we got lots of pumpkins.

Stephanie loved being able to choose all of the ones we got.
 Having a ride
Beggingn me to help her tip the wheelbarrow- to see what it feels like to fall out! I accidently tipped my niece out last week, who told Stephanie how much fun it is to fall out of a wheelbarrow!
I wonder if anyone called Childline when I did it! LOL
Help me mum it's to heavy to put back.
exploring the spooky caravan.

Hide and seek in the sweet corn.

And some puddle fun to finish the visit off!
We had a brilliant time. We have got a large orange pumpkin for carving, a smaller pumpkin for carving as Stephanie needs one for a brownie party this week. A white one because it is unusual, a mushroom shaped one, 3 small butternuts and 2 corns. All for the bargain price of £10!

So my question to you is how do I make the most of all this pumpkin goodness. I will be making some soup as we scrape out the insides. What else can I do to reduce waste of these beauties? What are your favourite recipes?


  1. Ah, this post brings back memories of what it was like to grow up on a farm!

    I like to save the seeds to roast with a little sea salt, olive oil and herbs. High in zinc, I think.

    Also am always thinking I ought to make some squash-filled raviolis -- but then get too lazy. I've seen recipe for squash gnocci. I love potato gnocci so squash would be good to try. Pumpkin pie, not a favorite, but what my mom always thinks of this time of year... I do love a good pumpkin soup. And you can make it in various ways. Thai? Love that one.

  2. Oh and some cultures make a spicy paste from the skin. I've only tried that once -- mostly because I forget you can do that -- and it required me to pull out the hand blender. And the hand blender is noisy... So didn't like that.

    But it's good to experiment in not wasting a bit! Good on you!

    1. Lot's of ideas to try there- thank you. Will post to show how I get on :-)